Sterling Silver Hand Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendants - Ships FAST from Montana USA

Sterling Silver Hand Wire Wrapped Crystal Pendants - Ships FAST from Montana USA

Артикул: a88fd164
Handmade silver wire wrapped Opal, Rose Quartz, Black Jade, Clear Quartz or Green Aventurine all natural gemstone pendant points.This unique pendant features a complex one of a kind wire wrapped structure out of sterling silver wire. The wire is twisted and kinked in part to achieve this unique look. Supports small family owned business.Choose from the following five sterling silver hand wrapped in USA crystals: Quartz: ~Energetically, Quartz can be used to clear and stimulate all chakra systems and energy points in the body.~Especially useful in working with the heart and the third eye.~When placing a Quartz crystal on the Third Eye during meditation, one will notice an increased sense of clarity and focus. Rose Quartz:~The stone of universal love~Restores trust and harmony in relationships~Encourages unconditional love~Purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace. Green Aventurine:~Focuses on healing the heart~Bringing compassion~Universal consciousness ~Emotional balance.Black Jade:~Symbolizes power~Protection~Self-control~Wisdom~Cleansing~Purification~Teaches the real meaning of prudence, both in the social and financial sense. Opal:~Encourages both freedom and independence.~Enhances cosmic consciousness Induces psychic and mystical visions. ~Stimulates originality and creativity. ~Helps to release anger and claim self worth~Aids in accessing and expressing one's true self. All uniquely hand wire wrapped sterling silver. Every pendant will be different as they are 100% natural gemstones so no two are the same.Have a 7 mm bail which makes this pendant versatile to be worn with any type of a necklace from chain to leather.Size of all the pendants is 2 inches x 1/4+ inches Made in Montana FAST in USA Shipping International Shipping not available

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