Animal Spirit Guide/Power Animal Discovery w/Medium Christina (Live or Email)

Animal Spirit Guide/Power Animal Discovery w/Medium Christina (Live or Email)

Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empath and Reiki Master Healer Christina Dawn Eagle


During this session I connect to your Spirit Guides and bring forward your main Spirit Guide Animal and your Power Animals. I go much deeper as I channel from Spirit how they are helping you and what they symbolize for you personally. There is only so much information available on Google or Bing. As a Psychic Medium I use my abilities of clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairgustance (clear smelling) and clairaudience (clear hearing) to give clients much more accurate and personalized information and symbolic meaning(s).


Our Power Animals can change over time and we can have more than one at once. They often change as we go through different experiences, but we are always supported by our main Spirit Guide Animal. This is a bit like a sun sign in astrology. Just as Aries people have certain traits, bear, eagle, owl, tiger, etc people have certain traits. The Spirit animals that are assigned to us before birth are meant to give us strength, hope and comfort. There are thousands of different spirit animals, ranging from insects, reptiles, mammals and more.


The reason our world is full of Spirit guides is to protect and support us on our individual paths and journeys. When we are working on our purpose, they show up for us in full force to help carry out the task(s) we were assigned to complete in this lifetime. Sometimes Spirit guides visit us in our dreams, either warning of a life event that may occur soon, to show us how to be more playful, or manifest our own destinies. Whatever the reason may be, animals placed in your path are there for a reason, and it is up to you to stop and notice them – to witness what is going on around you what Spirit is trying to tell you.


Spirit animals are all around us. It's up to us to notice them. When a particular animal crosses your path, it just may be a sign from the Universe/Great Spirit. Animals guide us, teach us, and communicate with us if we’re open enough to listen. Learning how to stop and become aware of each animal that crosses your path is not a hard thing to do. Have you ever noticed that there are times in your life when you keep noticing the same animal popping up again and again? Or when you see a specific, rare breed of animal? That is often a sign from Spirit.
Have you ever been walking down the sidewalk and noticed an unusual animal in your path, and thought that’s weird? At one time or another, we’ve all had a unique interaction with an animal that made us pause to wonder if there was a deeper meaning.


Each Spirit and Power animal l has different characteristics, and Spirit assists us wherever we are on our path. During this session we explore the meaning behind your Spirit Animal, it's characteristics, and how it can assist you on your sacred soul journey. Sesson is a half hour.




1) Emailed Animal Spirit Guide/Power Animal Discovery Reading (sent in 1-21 days). If you choose this option please also email me a picture of yourself at


2) Live phone or video Animal Spirit Guide/Power Animal DIscovery Reading


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Code of Ethics, Service Terms, Scheduling Policy and Legal Disclaimer
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