Emergency Reading In A Pinch: 24 & 48 hr Emailed  Options

Emergency Reading In A Pinch: 24 & 48 hr Emailed Options

Have a burning question about love, life, relationships, life and soul purpose, healing or more? Need an answer FAST?  Or in crisis and need some Spiritual Guidance NOW? Then this service is for you!
Christina Dawn Eagle, Spiritual Psychic Medium, Intuitive and Physical Empath, Reiki Master Healer, Teacher and Soul Coach.

Medium Christina is an expert in telepathically connecting to her client’s energy and higher self, communicating with their Spirit Guides and ancestors, and remote viewing of situations in one’s life to provide accurate insights, answer specific questions and guide clients towards their life/soul purpose with clarity. Christina offers 24 and 48 hours emailed options. On RARE opportunities Medium Christina can offer this service as a phone or live video option. Live phone or video emergency Readings are an hour long. BEFORE purchasing a LIVE phone or video Emergency Reading please message Medium Christina to confirm availability
via  email at: MediumChristina@EagleMedicinePsychicReadings.com
Pointed questions around specific situations will get clearer answers.
48 hr Emailed Option includes a personal emailed video reading 
Whether you are seeking guidance from your Spirit Guides and ancestors, have a burning question that can't wait I can help! I would love to help you with the urgent challenges you are currently facing and tap into the wisdom of your Spirit Guides and Soul to see what they share regarding answers and Guidance. Simply choose your Reading option from the drop down menu and I am excited to assist you on your soul journey!
  • Medium Christina Dawn Eagle's Service Terms

  • Animal Communicator Christine Richardsons Terms

    To book with Christine she needs to the following information to conduct your pet emergency Reading:

    • A picture where she can see the animal’s face, their name, breed, age and sex. 

    • What the owner would like to know. In telepathic communications, the more information, the better.

    • What questions will actually get the animal talking about what is really happening. 

    • Pointed questions around specific situations will get clearer answers. 

    • If this information doesn’t all fit in the checkout notes section after you book you can email it to her at Christine@EagleMedicinePsycyicReadings.com 

    "All the work I do has a shamanic aspect to it. With a drum or rattle, I create sacred space with sage and intention then call in the directions and my guides. I then connect with the animal in a quiet place. The person and their pet are not present, nor do they need to be doing anything special. As one dog proudly told me, “I can sleep and talk to you at the same time!” 

    I also have a group of four angels who call themselves a “guide choir” and help me to connect clearly. They are like a group of chatty teenagers and animals love them!

    When the communication is done, I write all that has happened and make a personal video to be delivered via a private google drive link where the client can view and/or download it. I am happy to do follow-up by email.

    It is important to be aware that your pet’s health, emotional and spiritual well-being might well be linked into your own. You and your pet have a soul contract and that is why you are together. Be prepared for a deeper communication message if your guides feel there is something you need to know or learn. I only work with guides of Love and Light and so when those messages come through, they are loving and supportive. 


    Often, we wish to connect with our pets to understand a health issue, is he/she feeling poorly and where. Or sometimes we wish to understand why they are doing something dangerous or displaying a strange behavior. In my experience, animals will tell us how they feel, what they like or don’t like and why they are with us but I don’t expect an animal who shows me a pain in the belly, to know the cause. It would be your job to explore that with your veterinarian. My medical intuitive abilities are quite good and I often will have an idea of what is going on, but I am no substitute for a veterinarian and will be the first person to advise you to consult with one if I feel it is needed.

    Free Will

    I need to address this before you book a session with me. Once we understand the point of view of your pet, it is not always an easy fix. Sure, we can tell your puppy that peeing on the doormat is not the same as going outside to pee, and would she please ring the bell on the door to be let out. And we might think that then your puppy would ring the bell. But your pup may not care if she pees inside or outside! What I would do in this situation is explain the reason for the needed change in behavior, the reward that would be given and the consequences that might result if she chooses to not listen.

    It will be my job to help the animal understand the risks of not choosing as we wish and the rewards of doing as we ask…and to BE POSITIVE.  At the very least, in the situation of your peeing puppy, a connection and understanding will be gained between you both. The puppy might have learned that the bell is supposed to be rung and you might learn that she is a bit too young to have made that connection herself and has established her own habit which now needs to be changed by YOU doing something different.

    Lost Animals:

    I have extensive experience in searching for lost animals, both physically with local rescue groups and telepathically. For me, there is also a psychic aspect. I just know things but that said, finding lost animals is tough telepathically because an animal might send me a picture of a place that felt good or where they spent some time, but they might not still be there.

    These connections are often crisis situations and some benefit from ongoing attention. An animal communicator is a great start. What I would offer in a lost pet situation is a phone consultation to gather as much information as the owner has. Then I would connect with the animal to get a sense of their physical and emotional state. I would share with the animal specific requests from the owner that if followed, would help the animal to be found. But I’ll remind you again that animals have free will.  Keep in mind, there are soul contracts also involved in why animals go missing. Everything happens for a reason. There are no guarantees that the outcome will be what you wish for. The best plan is for you and I to both have an open heart and open mind."

    -Christine Richardson

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