Empowered Empath Healing On Demand Webinar - ONLY $29.99!!

Empowered Empath Healing On Demand Webinar - ONLY $29.99!!

This is a replay of my Empowered Empath Healing Workshop where I shared MANY tools to go from overwhelmed to empowered. Link to this video classroom session will be sent within 24 hours of purchase. Get the empath guidance you need NOW!


Are you an Empath?



*Can hear what people don't say in words

*Often absorb the stress of others

*Are supersensitive to tone of voice and body language

*Often feel  things first, then think

*Have a need for alone time

*Often have a low threshold for stimulation

*Get drained around toxic people and often need time to recover

*Are uncomfortable around inauthentic people

*Small talk makes you uncomfortable

*Often affract narcissists and people who drain you

*Often have a sensitivity to light and sound

*Takes you longer to wind down after a busy day

*Love nature and quiet environments

*Can sense subtle energy (called the chakras, aura, shakti or prana)

*Absorn energy into our bodies


I was always told I was "Too sensitive". I had no one to guide me.


I have done a lot of research and have helped thousands of people all around in the world in over 30 countries. I have condensed what I have learned into one empowering workshop.


Done with www.Zoom.us


In this Video Workshop you will:


*Learn what kind of empath you are

*Learn what foods to avoid and add
*Stop absorbing the stress of others

*Gain healing tools for inner balance

*Gain energy and Spiritual protection tools
*Learn how to deal with emotional overwhelm

*Learn energy protection tools to shield from negativity

*Identify if what you are feeling is yours or someone else's

*Learn how the chakras, aura and prana affect your energy
*Learn to navigate the energy vampires without becoming drained

*Learn how trapped emotions affect the body and how to identify and release them.

*Learn strategies to set yourself up for success and experience your abilities as a gift

*Learn why empaths attract energy vampires and narcissists and how to change this pattern.
*Learn to set boundaries and let go of excessive people pleasing patterns and co-dependency
*INCLUDES FREE GIFT: Chakra Healing Guided Audio Meditation

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29,99$За розпродажем
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