Dream Interpretation Reading w/Medium Christina (phone,video & email options)

Dream Interpretation Reading w/Medium Christina (phone,video & email options)

Dreams can sometimes be tough to interpret. They often contain hidden sybolic meaning and messages. Sometimes Spirit is trying to tell us something. Sometimes our subconscious mind is processes anything that may be unresolved. Sometimes it's our higher self trying to tell us something. Some people get visitations from departed loved ones in dreams. Sometimes we premonitions, or glimpes into the future. It's often hard to discern which of these has occured. It's also possible to leave our body during dreams and visit other people (dream travelling, astral traveling).  If you are wondering what the hidden meaning of your dreams is this session is for you! One of my specialties is helping people with dream interpretation meanings. I use my psychic mediumship abilities to connect to Spirit and our Spirit Guides to help discern the clear, true meaning and what it means for you moving forward to help you on a soul level. I offer two options for this service:


1.) Emailed Typed Interpretation (sent in 1-21 days)


2.) Live phone or videio sessions (15 mins/$50, 30 mins/$85 and 60 mins/$160 options). I'm usually booking 2-3 months out for live sessions.


Now booking live phone and video Readings for June.


If needed sooner simply choose the email option. Before checkout please be sure to read Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings Code of Ethics, Service Terms, Scheduling Policy and Legal Disclaimer.

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Code of Ethics, Service Terms, Scheduling Policy and Legal Disclaimer
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